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Progressive hair removal

30 years of leading research

The radical or prorgressuve hair removal is a perfect alternative to laser hair removal.

Our services are valid for both waxing of man and woman. As well as all types of areas : hair removal bikini, waxing legs and waxing underarm .

Sustainable results

No side effects
All skin (dark , light )
All hair ( blonde, black, red )
Comfortable and fast
Effective at low cost

All areas :
Underarms, bikini , arms, legs , ½ legs, lips and chin , back, beard, chest, nose, ear.

The relooking technology represents the technology the most advanced  and latest for removal of unwanted hair by selective photothermolysis

Intense light, or «pulsed light», issued in the form of flash by a very high-tech equipment. Non-invasive technique, allows in excellent conditions of comfort and security, sustainably remove unwanted hair.

Pulsed light is absorbed by the melanin ( color pigment ) contained in the hair growth phase (anagen phase) , be delivered to the root of the hair.

This light is converted to heat , and it’s the thermal effect which destroys the hair and the root without side effects. This is the «selective photothermolysis» or «photodepilation»

A no- regrowth more 80% found by people treated with pulsed light. Clinical studies conducted over several years and in several countries confirm a high level of efficiency.

The number of sessions depends on the nature and type of hair , the skin pigmentation , age and sex. Usually 10 sessions are required at intervals of about six weeks.

* Care efficiency and the results obtained may vary according to people and their profile, and they are not guaranteed

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